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lemon style

We do not like to 'copy and paste'.  


We believe every couple is their own and flowers on their wedding day should be their own as well.  We take basic style arrangements and try to add in twists. We brainstorm new concepts and designs to challenge ourselves and to create unique flower pieces specifically for you. 


Please make sure that we are the right fit by looking at our portfolio. 

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With a one-on-one consultation, we will be able to go through the logistics of your event, your color palette, theme and the look and feel in which you are envisioning to create a proposal. We will be able to get into the details as well as the fun ways that we can make it completely, you!


Our minimum of a full service wedding is $3,000.  This includes consultations with proposals, venue visits, on site installations, creative details, delivery, set up and breakdown if needed. If this meets with your floral budget, we will be able to focus our time and energy to create unique pieces that will be tailored to your event. 

full service wedding contact

'hands on' wedding

not picky and on budget - ? pick and order your wedding flowers on our website! 


What does 'Hands On' mean? This term refers to what we can put our 'hands on' in our cooler at that moment. We always have seasonal flowers, foliage, textured elements and dried goods to design our hassle free bouquets. What we have readily available to us, is what we will design with for you! 


pick your color palette, quantities and pick up/delivery date - Voila!

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  • 'Hands On' option does not offer setup or installation for your wedding or event.     

  • This is a drop off or pick up only.   

  • Flower design is lemon's choice, nontraditional and with no specific requests (except allegories and flowers you do not like!) 

  • Delivery pricing and availability are subject to location via zip codes.   

  • If you are looking for a non-local delivery, please call us 207.776.0970 for a delivery price. Orders must be placed 3 weeks- 3 months in advance. No sooner or later.

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