Full Service Wedding










With a one-on-one consultation, we will be able to go through the logistics of your event, your color palette, theme and the look and feel in which you are envisioning to create a proposal. We will be able to get into the details as well as the fun ways that we can make it completely, you.    



Our minimum of a full service wedding is $3,000.  This includes consultations with proposals, venue visits, on site installations, creative details, delivery, set up and breakdown if needed. If this meets with your floral budget, we will be able to focus our time and energy to create unique pieces that will be tailored to your event. 



 Are we the one? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to email us with any questions, to set up a consultation or to fill out our 'lemon guide' to get the flower ball rollin'   









L E M O N STYLE – are we your style?


At Lemon & Tulips, we like to have fun! We are down to earth, happy, innovative and want to be that one department in event planning that isn’t a stressor. 


If you are looking for non-traditional, off-beat and open to funky pieces, that’s us. We take basic style arrangements and add in twists. We brainstorm new concepts and designs to challenge ourselves and to create unique flower pieces specifically for you.  


Please make sure that we are the right fit by looking at our portfolio, noticing our asymmetrical designs and funky, yet detailed arrangements.  No design is ever the same, as it will be tailored to you.  

If full service is just not the right fit for you, you can always check out our other option, 'hands on' weddings. Order online two weeks prior to your wedding and it will be ready for you to pick up or deliver for a small fee. As easy as one, two, done!